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Thank you for leaving your first comment! Sharing the Journey was built on a foundation of connection and community, so I treasure every single comment! I really appreciate you taking the time to visit and connect.

Getting to know me…

If you want to know more about my journeys as a person, my About page has an outline and maps out what I hope to achieve in this blog.

But the best way to get to know me is through the pieces that appeared in my coaching column Coaching Moments. (The Coaching Moments ebook in the sidebar is a compilation of  four years’ worth of articles.) One of the reasons I built this blog was to give them a permanent home.

My family life, my writing and my coaching are the canvas that holds all the embroidery together.

Birdsong says what I feel about you, about coaching, writing , people, connection and life.

Loving Letters and And the Angels Sang will give you a glimpse of how I feel the world.

Sample some of my homelife coaching in the Coaching Moments piece Life Laundry, and get a taste of some general coaching questions (and my interest in quantum physics!) in Black Holes and Hurtling.

Share my career frustrations in Ebb and Flow and Missing the Boat.

If you want to see how I’ve dealt with ‘failure’, check out The Sound of Music, Heading for Home  and Foil.

My politics? Saving More than Money, When the Heavens Open and Sharing the Journey.

And if you’re a writer and would like a glimpse of my blogging and writing tips, check out  How to Beat the Blogger’s Blues, Treasure Hunting or the adapted version, Quote-Hunting: How to Improve your Writing and Your Life which appeared as a guest post in Write to Done.

This is probably one of the least scannable, non How to/10 point list-y sites you’ll ever visit, so I’m really, genuinely grateful you’ve visited and read this far. I hope you’ll visit often, whenever you feel like a bit of respite from your busy day.

I’d love to hear which, if any, of my pieces you’ve resonated with most.

Thanks again for visiting!