From the Pieces of our Lives

If you have to spend long hours at a computer, synchronicity surfing is a fantastic way to take a break, get to see new places, new paradigms, meet new people and find lovely pieces of art as souvenirs. I find I’m never more than a few clicks away from an Etsy shop or someone’s hand-crafted goods.

Those sudden finds while we’re relaxed and following links from one site to another can often be signposts sent by the universe about our personal style, a vital part of finding our unique ‘voice’.

I’ve always loved mosaics, but had forgotten just how much. While visiting a newcomer to our blog the other day, I found these beautiful mosaics in the Flikr stream of Diana Maus . I’m usually drawn to those made from small pieces of ceramics, but I found these bead creations captivating. If you’re looking for inspiration for Mother’s Day, you could check out Diana’s Etsy shop.

Mosaics symbolise the art we can create when we decide to make something beautiful and new from all the pieces of our lives.





If you were to close your eyes and visualise a mosaic of your life, what would all the important pieces of your past and present be? The patterns? The places and people that have meant the most? The heroes who turned your life around? The gems and jewels? What would be the colour palette? Which symbols would represent recurring themes in your life? Which creatures or elements of nature?

Have a look around your home and your wardrobes, your jewellery box and the view outside your windows. Does it represent the mosaic you visualised a moment ago? What kind of mosaic would an artist like Diana make of the life she sees there today?


  1. My mosaic would be swirls of green bamboo for renewal, life and Girl Scouts. Red because it is bold, celebratory and a fortuitous color symbolically. Yellows and oranges for enlightenment, sunrise and sunset. All my master teachers are my heroes and dynamic moms who have touched my life, held my hand and guided me down the path thus far. There would be patterns of black and white and shades of gray. I see the world in black and white from a disciplined, military upbringing, print is black and white, but the shades of gray taught to me by one of my heroes (Sean , my husband and and a relentlessly loving father) is a tone that keeps me balanced. Butterflies and flowers would surround the mosaic because that is the symbol we have attached to my mother who passed at 29 years young. Hand prints holding hearts for all the children we have loved and taught and musical notes for the songs that many put into our hearts if we allow our souls to be open to the melodies and lyrics. Thank you for getting my creative thoughts flowing this morning. I was stuck until I took a break and read your post. Traveling with you is awesome and one!

  2. WOW! Thank you, Cindy! I treasure all the responses in these boxes, but I must confess I was hoping someone would take a break for a moment and moodle with this. But I never dreamed I’d be lucky enough to see a response in print – a glimpse of someone’s past and inner world and of some of the things that make them unique. This is beautiful! I could visualise a mosaic for you as I was reading!

  3. What lovely post. A beautiful prompt that inspires nostalgic thoughts.

    A mosaic of my life would include open spaces, running water, lush green foliage and a secluded spot for afternoon tea or coffee, reflecting, relaxing, reading and writing in my journal. It will be the primary place to spend special moments with my closest friends.

    Surrounding this open outdoor space would be a country-styled home with wood and bamboo finishes, hardy fabrics, lots of candles, teapots put to decorative and functional uses and baskets in every room for one purpose or another. Muted, earthy colours with green will feature prominently. The kitchen , dining and living areas will flow into each other allowing my family and visitors to mingle effortlessly and partake joyfully in whatever activities might be going on there.

    One important element of the home in my life mosaic is a special room or area to fuel my passion. It is my writing space.

    I’m blessed to have many of the pieces of my ideal mosaic life.

    Cheryl Wright´s last blog post..The Uplifting Blogger Award

  4. I’m loving these comments – they read like poems in prose! Thank you Cheryl – I wish I was a mosaic artist who could capture this and send you a piece of art! I can imagine little teapots embedded in the mosaic!

  5. @Diana,
    I hope you’re enjoying these comments as much as I am! Thank you again for letting me build a post around your work. I hope folk will check out the other artwork on your sites.

  6. Beautiful pictures, Janice. 🙂 And I love the questions you pose at the end of the post because our lives are like mosaics. It is a perfect symbol and we are creators of our reality. I was just discussing this with someone a few minutes ago and this verifies an idea I had in mind. Thank you for that my dear friend!

    Nadia – Happy Lotus´s last blog post..Pull Off The Labels

  7. @Nadia,
    What I want to do on this blog is a mosaic – so many metaphors and interwoven threads of inspiration bursting to get out all at once. I have to restrain myself, and even then I don’t manage very well because I cram too much into every post! If you have a look in my sidebar, the covers of my ebooks are patchworks and embroideries. Our lives are those, too.

  8. This was such a beautiful post and, Diana, your mosaics are beautiful. They remind me of mandalas, something I have become interested in lately. There is a desire in me to do something similar: to create my own mosaic, my own mandala, representing the power and energy and passion and loves of my life. So often I try to do this in words, but I want something tangible and visible. I will put it in the new sacred space in my new home. Thank you so much for this post, Janice and Diana.

    Chania Girl´s last blog post..????? ‘?????? – Welcome

  9. Hi Janice,
    Those mosaic pictures are great! I always felt in an artist God dwells and you can see HIS inimitable presence more. For me God is present in artist, social workers, mothers more vibrant than others.
    Thanks for sharing those vibrant pictures and the wonderful reflection!

    Solomon´s last blog post..How to unshackle your writing muse?

  10. I like to think we’re all necessary pieces in a huge, beautiful mosaic made by a universal designer!

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