Find Your Great Work

“This book may be little but the idea is big. Find Your Great Work will help you think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world.” ~ Michael Port.

Do you feel like you spend most of your days, your life, busily working away, doing OK work, good work maybe, but always stilling that voice in your heart that sighs, sometimes sobs, sometimes screams that you’re not doing great work, the work you were born to do?

Are you at a crossroads? Have you ever laughed at someone who suggested you hire a coach, thinking If I could afford to hire a coach, I wouldn’t need to!?

great-work-coverBuying – and using – Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book  Find Your Great Work: Napkin-Size Solutions to Stop the Busywork and Start the Work That Matters could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s small, it can be read quickly and easily and will impact your life right away.

It also comes with a ton of additional resources, podcasts, interviews and downloads.

It’s the kind of book you’ll end up wanting to buy copies of for colleagues, family members and friends – especially the ones who are interested in personal development, and the ones who’ve been in a slump, feeling they’re pushing a boulder up a hill.

I won’t lie to you. As a coach, I’ve read dozens of personal development books and some are just rehashes of stuff you can glean from selective blog surfing. But this one is good and do-able. Michael is an award winning highly respected coach; in this book, he has succeeded in effortlessly condensing all his energy, experience and powerful coaching questions, models, processes and insights into a serious of digestible  ‘maps’ – called ‘maps’ for a variety of reasons, one being that they require action.  As Michael himself says, “they provoke you to make some fundamental choices” such as

  • Do I keep going?
  • Do I stop?
  • Do I take a new direction?

These ‘maps’ encourage us to stop and ask deep questions like

  • Why am I here?
  • What  am I doing?
  • What matters?

It also give us the tools to answer them.

I’ve enjoyed Michael’s work for years and can personally recommend the service I got from him and his team when I bought the book. I had an international delivery enquiry that was dealt with personally and sorted out within ten minutes! An awesome achievement in an online world that can often be cold and calculating. Chatting in an email exchange with Michael before I launched also gave me the extra rush of courage I needed to get my blog live.

Learn more about Find Your Great Work , watch the Great Work movie or check out Michael Bungay Stanier’s company Box of Crayons.


    1. You’re welcome. It’s one I read in a sitting then went back to do properly. It’s pocket sized.

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