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Coaching Moments: A Collection of Articles About Coaching in Everyday Life


Coaching Moments

This is a collection of articles I wrote for my ‘Coaching Moments’ column in VOICE, the monthly newsletter sent out by the International Association of Coaching. (

I became an IAC Certified Coach in 2007, eventually earning the designation IAC Master Masteries Coach, but what helped me get through the rigours of certification was an unshakeable belief that my life is the ‘exam’ I want to get a passing score for. Even when I wasn’t able to produce masterful coaching in my recorded coaching sessions, I took comfort in knowing that I was able to integrate Thomas Leonard’s CoachVille Proficiencies© and other coaching skills into my everyday life.

For years now, my ‘Coaching Moments’ pieces have been enjoyed by coaches and clients alike, and by anyone who gets zen-like pleasure from details. They’re my capturing and filtering of those fleeting moments when everything aligns… living, learning, loving… the moments that make a life.