A Patchwork Post: Authenticity Quotes, Book Giveaway Winners, Link Love and Spiritual Pioneering

It takes courage to speak out, to challenge conformity and tradition; to go first and weather the attacks, ridicule and criticisms of others; to be different. It takes courage to be free, to claim our voice, to own our power, to let the world hear the music inside us. ~ Lance Secretan

I’ve had a great blogging week that’s helped me get some perspective back into my life.

Are you a Spiritual Pioneer?

I have a guest post about blogging integrity, authenticity, honesty and bravery over at Write to Done called Are You a Spiritual Pioneer? which I’m very proud of.  Having Mary and Leo’s endorsement means a lot to me. While I worried that I didn’t generate much response in the comments boxes, Mary reminded me with a twinkle in her eye that comment numbers and reader numbers are not the same.

I also have a guest post over at Goodlife Zen today and I’d love if you could check it out. (There’s a temporary hitch with paragraph spacing but I’m sure Mary will fix it soon.) It’s a celebration of uniqueness, inspiration and authenticity.

Authenticity and re-invention.

I’ve also had a good week over here. I’ve been delighted with the responses I’ve had to my post on harnessing the power of authenticity and especially to the post called Re-invention 101. It’s affirmed for me that there is a sea change coming in the blogging world, a stronger focus on authenticity and integrity, spirituality and presence, community and connection.

We have comments in these boxes as good as many blog  posts. Please check them out if you don’t usually subscribe to comment threads. I adore my comments boxes; it’s where my blog title Sharing the Journey really comes to life and our boxes here are full of marvellous, spiritual, interesting, authentic people who share themselves to support others; here are just a few excerpts from some of the inspiring responses our growing community has been gifted with:

I wish I could have written “A Return To Love” by Marianne Williamson. That book spoke to my soul when I first read it and it still does. I liked how she wrote with honesty and integrity. She did not write from the mind but from her heart. She shared her pain and how she grew from it. I could tell from her writing she was the real deal. She walked the walk and talked the talk. She had struggled to achieve her sense of peace and I admired her authenticity.  ~  Nadia

One day I was organizing stuff in my closet and ran across some assignments I had written when I was in University. I sat down in the closet and read them all and said to myself, “What on earth happened to this woman? Where did she disappear to?” Amidst my tears and papers I pulled myself together and realized I didn’t have to reinvent myself. I had to find out who I had once been because I had LIKED myself then. ~ Maureen

My dream is to write and publish a romantic suspense novel one day. I have also attended some business seminars on starting your own business. I have been playing around with the idea of starting a home-based business in order to generate some income, while still looking for regular employment. I have definitely learned to appreciate and not take for granted anything anymore. I value my friends, family and life more now than ever . This change in my life has led me to a path in which I can enjoy each moment of each day more and pursue my goal of writing. ~ Ana

I’m not re-inventing myself; I am RE-re-inventing myself.

Caring for my father at the end of his life and dealing with the emotions that experience brought up prompted me to start looking for answers to questions I’d never voiced, not even inside my head. It took years, but I created a life I really liked…I’m working my way back to who I was, and hopefully into an even better version of me. ~ Ann Elise

I agree with the author that the concept of living a charmed life changes in the wink of an eye. It is not grounded in what you do but how you feel. Some of my completed manuscripts simply await the right moment to be published. Dreams can prevent people from awakening or, act as the catalyst to jog the mind and spirit out ot a timeless temporary slumber. ~Liara

That authenticity is something so many of us are working to have come through in our writing (and life) and we work so hard at it rather than let it simply shine through from our ‘being’. ~ Melinda

I also loved “love the details’ I was just out in my yard today, digging away in the dirt. I marveled at the ‘weeds’ (well others consider them weeds, to me they are beautiful and useful food and medicinals) I was flooded with gratitude that I had these wonderful plants volunteer to grow there, and further that I had such a wonderful space to grow them. I was filled with inspiration of ideas of how I will improve my yard space even further. I was out for 2 hours ‘working’ in the yard, it was not ‘work’ unless you want to call it ‘work’ as an artist does of their beloved pieces. ~ Angie

It is liberating and at the same time I feel like a doe staring at the headlights. It is amazing how vast the information is and how fast it moves. Most days I am inspired and some days I feel completely overwhelmed and unsure which way to navigate my efforts. I remind myself every day to enjoy every moment and remain mindful that my life is filled with vitality and a beautiful family to share this great journey we call life. ~ Cindy


Victoria Moran Book Giveaways – we have two winners!

My kids – taking it as seriously as stars announcing Oscar winners – pulled two names from a hat hand painted soup bowl.

Randi from Foreign Quang will be receiving a fee signed copy of The love Powered Diet, and Tess of The Bold Life will be receiving a signed copy of Living a Charmed Life.

I loved all of the comments and am so pleased I did it as a random draw or else I wouldn’t have been able to choose two winners.


A few quotes to inspire you to begin your day, your week – a whole new month – with authenticity and courage!

The most exhausting thing in life, I have discovered, is insincerity. ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

If  I choose to ignore myself when I am in desperate need of my own attention, I will resent those I have deemed more important than me. Even though I might spend the day trying to be happy and pleasant, underneath I will feel depleted because I have made a choice that has depleted me. ~ Debbie Ford

Instead of trying to hide the emotional refuse that is festering with rot, bring it to light and stick it in the compost bin to be transformed into useful fertiliser that will grow your future better self. ~ Kathryn L.Robyn and Dawn Ritchie

What we are really looking for is a sense of the real and an experience of true significance, true meaning. That can only come from one source. Deep down inside, every human being hears the echo of the experience of unity and wants it back. So we live our whole lives with only a vague sense of what it is we want but with the absolute knowledge that we had it once and it’s possible to have it again if only we knew how. ~ Sarah Susanka

When you are adrift from your core, the space between your surface and your depth fills up with anxiety. Too much time away from your inner home leads to homesickness. ~ Carrie McCarthy and Danielle La Porte

It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In order not to cheat yourself, you have to make writing a high priority. You have to make it very nearly sacred. But you have to live the rest of your life. too; you have to allow room for all that makes you you, for all that feeds you. In my mind, being more than a writer means you’re more of a writer. ~ Elizabeth Berg

We are not powerless specks of dust drifting around in the wind, blown by random destiny. We are, each of us, like beautiful snowflakes –  unique, born for a specific reason and purpose. ~ Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

When you do not seek or need external approval, you are at your most powerful. Nobody can disempower you emotionally or psychologically…You cannot live for prolonged periods of time within the polarity of being true to yourself and needing the approval of others. ~ Caroline Myss


Which of these quotes resonates with you most? What kind of a week have you had? What do you plan to do to buff up your authentic shine this month?


  1. Loved this post. I think it’s great how you incorporated a bunch of elements into one post. It was fun to read the links and read the great quotes. I love this one especially: “We are not powerless specks of dust drifting around in the wind, blown by random destiny. We are, each of us, like beautiful snowflakes – unique, born for a specific reason and purpose.” I’m going to copy it down and look to it for inspiration. Thank you!

    Positively Present´s last blog post..who’s afraid of the big, bad past?

  2. I also love the Elizabeth Kubler Ross quote. It not only helps me when I feel I am alone, but it helps me allow each person their own idiosyncrasies and differences. When you realize that the people you come into contact with in your daily life are only here once, and you are one of the lucky ones who gets to know them for their brief earth life, you assess a larger value to each soul.

    Thanks, Janice for the book. I’m glad I won the diet book because since last Thanksgiving I have been lackadaisical about what I have been eating. It has showed! Ugh! I am so happy to be a winner.

    Randi´s last blog post..

  3. Congratulations to Randi and Tess for winning! And congratulations to Janice for the guest post! I will go read it after I finish with my comment.

    All the quotes were beautiful but the one that I resonated with the most at this moment was the one from Elizabeth Kubler Ross. We each are so important and powerful. We each have a purpose. I find it sad that so many people think that they are insignificant because they do not have a fancy title or lots of money. Money and title mean nothing in the eyes of the Universe or God.

    Nadia – Happy Lotus´s last blog post..Discovering Your Passions

  4. Oh my gosh I a winner! Yeah! Thanks so much. I’m sure happy I stopped by to read and comment today.

    I love the same quote Nadia chose by Elizabeth. That woman was amazing. She left us an incredible legacy!
    Going over to check out your other articles!

    Tess The Bold Life´s last blog post..Magic Mondays with Castle Baths

  5. We have a snowstorm of unique, snowflake commenters!!! Kudos to Elizabeth Kübler-Ross for putting it so perfectly! Now a sensible blogger would have just posted that one quote and sat back, but I have such fun not knowing what people will like but hoping they’ll find something if I scatter goodies on the table!

    @Positively Present,
    Thank you for being such a constant visitor and for reassuring me that sometimes it’s OK just to do an update and a patchwork. And I’m glad you liked the quote; I’m not just a quote addict, I’m an unashamed pusher! it’s good to get feedback on which ones people like. I’ve gathered hndreds from my reading over the years.


    I find it sad that so many people think that they are insignificant because they do not have a fancy title or lots of money. Money and title mean nothing in the eyes of the Universe or God.

    Perfectly put! Your blog is doing a beautiful job of shining a light on this wisdom for so many people.

    I loved this and it was timely; I inadvertently hurt a friend today.

    When you realize that the people you come into contact with in your daily life are only here once, and you are one of the lucky ones who gets to know them for their brief earth life, you assess a larger value to each soul.

    I hope you enjoy the book!

    I’m sorry I couldn’t get an email to you sooner but AOL, Internet Explorer, my laptop and I are a bit of a dysfunctional family at the moment. I look forward to discussing the book with you some day!

    Thanks for letting me know which quote resonated most. We are a lyrical crew over here, aren’t we!

  6. Janice: All of the quotes resonate within me. Thank you for the shopping list of good thoughts and a post that pushes us all to think out of the box. I loved your give away idea and how you involved your children. Good stuff.

    Cindy´s last blog post..Knock, Knock…

    1. @Marc,
      Glad you like them. One of the reasons I love your new blog is that the quotes always seem to resonate with me and make me think of one that I think you’d like! I see us like two quiet kids in the playground swapping comics.

      You present your gems so much more serenely and sensibly than I do though, leaving space and time for them to sink in. I just scatter them like seeds, waiting to see what will bloom!

  7. @Cindy,
    Thank you. I was planning on spreading the quotes out, but I have this urge to share them all now like a kid with pockets and hands full of shells and pebbles scared they’ll all drop before I can get them home.

  8. @ Vered,
    I’ve been very lucky in the blogs I’ve stumbled on or discovered through other people’s blogs. Their boxes seem to be full of people I recognise from other places , so it often feels like I’ve gone to someone’s house to visit and discover other friendly faces already sitting at the kitchen table.

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