Spring in the Yorkshire Dales

My husband and I recently spent a few days in the Yorkshire Dales. We used to live in a neighbouring county, but never made it over to the town of Skipton. As part of our decision to get away more, now that both kids are at uni, he rented us the annexe of a cottage for a couple of days so we could spend some time exploring the town. Turns out the cottage had hills behind and a river out front so we did more sitting around and gentle strolling than adventurous exploring.

river out front

I love how the buildings in the Dales are built of local stone which helps them blend organically with their surroundings. I did mean to take more photos to show you, but indulged my fondness for shadows and reflections instead. I took the first one from a moving canal boat so it’s a bit blurry. The chair’s where I sat and had morning coffee.

Skipton’s very touristy, but deservedly so. It’s a bonny town, with hills, mills and woodland, a canal network, a castle, a market and cobbled backstreets reminiscent of Mediterranean alleyways. Unfortunately, its popularity meant it was almost impossible to take photos without dozens of folk in them.

We decided to take a trip on a canal boat to get away from the crowds for a bit. It’s a pace I could get used to!

We ended the day having coffee in the café cooperswhich felt like a pilgramage spot; it’s where a famous crochet blogger, Lucy from Attic 24 rents studio space and I had the naive intention of popping in to say thank you. (I crocheted this blanket by following her colour choices and her pattern and it brings me lots of comfort and joy.) However, sitting at every other table in the café were women chatting about how they were planning on attending Lucy’s crochet and chat session the next day; I suddenly felt like a ridiculous teenage groupie, wrote a thank you note on the back of a business card, ate and left.

I came back from our wee trip refreshed and ready to reprise my battle with technology. These photos represent the triumph of menopausal stubborness over the challenges of the digital age! In the days ahead, I hope to show you photos from trips nearer home and our last stay in Greece.


  1. Hi Janice – those are lovely photos … showing your time there – and what a treat to get away for a couple of days – even if you wandered, rather than strode out – you saw more .. whetted your appetite for another visit with some striding out to be thrown in.

    Lucy is obviously a popular lady … but can quite see – you’d be happy to be away and behind the scenes … Wonderful ideas she has though – your blanket colours are delightful …

    Congratulations on mastering the demons of the techie gremlins and not letting them completely master you …

    That canal trip looks to be really fun – wonderful colours of the name brand … the slow boat to China – a gentle meander along sounds good .. taking in nature as you went.

    Cheers and I look forward to more ‘wee trip’ reports and write ups!! All the best – Hilary
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    1. Hi Hilary,
      Thank you for understanding that my techno challenges really do come in onslaughts and get me close to throwing in the towel. I know these are just simple wee photos – the cottage with the door is the one where we stayed – but after days of not being able to post any photos at all, I got a wee bit giddy at the joy of being able to make a gallery!

      I felt in integrity with myself that whole trip. My husband and I both knew why we were there, what we hoped to get from our days away, and one of my intentions was to capture a few moments to share with the friends who support me here. I write best and have more to offer the world when I get out there and soak in life with love and awareness till it overflows as something I want to write. I’ll always write about my emotional life too, my long rambly posts where I share what I’ve felt or learned, but photos of trips are as much a part of my journey sharing as anything else, and on holidays, photography is pure, unadulterated fun! I look forward to a wee trip to South Africa when I finish replying to the comments here. 🙂

  2. I’m refreshed from your description and photos of your pleasing sojourn. Thank you for the vicarious pleasure, Janice! What came to mind reading was your encouraging coaching that prepared me for a couple of ‘staycations’ in the past. Then I thought to check my e-file for one of your inspiring gems to take along on my upcoming family visit to an historical Pennsylvania town. Here it is: delight in my multisensory awareness, the tastes, smells, sights, sounds, touch/textures as a rich holiday tapestry. 🙂

    1. Hi Connie,
      Some day, I hope to be posting photos of a trip to Canada and you’re a pin on that road trip wish map! After all these years, I am so grateful that you share your thoughts and life in these wee boxes. I love that you remember things I’ve said, or written, like some Harry Potteresque magical mirror that reflects, frames and embeds ‘best bits’! Coach magic. 😉 I really wish you blogged, then you’d be able to share images, insights, descriptions and videos from your trips/retreats with all of us. I hope you have an enjoyable, interesting, creative time in Pennsylvania that fills all of your senses and makes good memories.

      The response to this post has inspired me to gather all my photos into a more manageable file so that using photos gets easier all the time, which will hopefully get me out there and taking more. I just had a sudden flashback to a staycation post I did about Fife years ago where I even photographed the award winning fish and chips we ate!

  3. Yes! This — sharing the journey! Loved it. Thanks for a big ole plateful this time. I feel full and satisfied. Beautiful country. Lucky you! 🙂

  4. Hi Brenda,
    I love that you’re back! I wrote three posts in my head yesterday while driving to my dad’s; I was singing along to a CD in Greek, a real soul-portal CD, and I had two very vivid flashbacks and one Greek song translation post idea. I was on a stretch of motorway at that point, though, and couldn’t get anything captured. Hopefully, they’ll marinate till I write them, but I thought of you and your earlier comment on the Greek post/extract that felt like a mezés. Yesterday’s flashes of inspiration, had I managed to capture and post them, would have been orektiká – hors d’oeuvres – for that last post.

    I’m glad you liked this. I hope you’ll enjoy the next wee journey, too; again, a wee trip I took feeling I had my online friends in the back of the van, on beaches and in cafés with me. I try to gut my archives – often – but never manage to because the comments boxes from the early days mean so much to me. They were much livelier when I posted often and about anything that spilled over from my messy, anxious, creative, caring brain/heart. I’ve decided to do that again, just be myself and post whatever I fancy, whenever I fancy. The {0} comments days have taught me to be bravely authentic again. Do you think you’ll blog again?

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