jh b&w“Be brave enough to explore the depths, to find a way out and shine a light for others to find theirs. Don’t be scared to live, to hold out your heart in both hands like a trembling bird and say ‘Here I am; love me as I am or leave me.’ Be more afraid to die with your song still in you, to cheat your loved ones, your readers and the world of the greatest gift you have to give. You.” ~ Janice

Your journey…

Are you an introvert, a caring creative who enjoys communing with others, with your best self and the world around you?

Do you enjoy gentle communities where you’re cherished by the folk you resonate with?

Are there days when you feel you make a difference, doing small things with great love? And others when you wonder why you still bother going online at all?

You’ve come to the right place.

Sharing the journey…

Blogging makes me want to connect with love, to rise above challenges and find the common red threads of humanity that connect us all. I have nothing to share but my journey through life and an overwhelming curiosity about yours.

What you get here is my filtering of the world as I live out my life wondering what it’s all about, wanting to jump up and down like a wee kid tugging at your sleeve and pointing when I figure any of it out.

There’s no place for ego in writing; you either want to write or you don’t. Then you write – or you don’t. You have to trust that if you send your words out in a bottle, they’ll reach someone who needs to hear them. I write because I couldn’t not write, but it’s sharing the journey that makes it special.

Many of the blog posts you’ll find here are patchwork pieces: mosaics of moodlings and musings, soul searching and heartsongs, quotes, photos, music, reviews, movie chat, coaching tips and homelife coaching hints plus all sorts of things that make me go Mmmm…

So have a wander around and see if anything resonates or catches your eye. Take a moment, put the kettle on and enjoy a wee breather – maybe share a connection in the comment boxes. I’m glad you’re here.

My own journey…

I grew up in a Scottish mining village where everyone was bilingual in Scots and English. After years spent working with words – teaching, lecturing, examining, translating, singing and songwriting – in Greece, Portugal, Spain and the North of England, I came back to Scotland so my husband and I could raise our kids here.

I’m home-based now, combining my writing with being a homemaker and a homelife coach. I specialise in telephone and online ‘homelife coaching’, and over the years, I’ve helped people from all over the world gain clarity and create authentic, love-filled lives and homes.

Until I took a sabbatical in March 2010, I also spent four years supporting other coaches through the Coaching Moments column I wrote for VOICE, the official newsletter of the International Association of Coaching. A few of those articles are archived here or you can download my free compilation ebook.

We’re often advised not to write About Me pages that start like CV’s, but this post explores how all my ‘roles’ and former careers affect how I blog; I’m guessing you’ve read this far because you want to learn a wee bit about me.


PS If you’re interested in credentials, my honours degree and post grad diplomas are in English, Education, EFL and Greek Translation. I became an IAC Certified Coach in 2007 and later earned the designation Master Masteries Coach.

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