I was meme-tagged by Marc over at Welshscribe. He’d been tagged by Sean at Blogopolis Blueprint. These are two good guys, freelance ghostwriters I respect and trust. If you click those links, you’ll find out much more about the whole concept. I was a bit hesitant to begin with, but then I read other folks’ meme posts and really enjoyed the new layers it brought to reading their posts.

7 Things you may not know about me

1- My first language is the Scots they speak in the mining village where my dad has lived for all of his 85 years. When my husband first met my parents, I had to interpret. It’s not just an accent thing; the syntax, grammar and vocab are wild too. “Away ben’n git yir piece aff the bunker, hen, an mind ‘n tak yer shin aff’n pit yer baffies on.”

2- My husband made an advent calendar card for me one year and behind every box was a picture of one of my favourite movie characters. The list looks like a page from a therapist’s notebook. George of the Jungle, The goodie tattooed Magi guy from The Mummy, Aragorn, Legolas, Wolverine, and Johnny Depp with a pony-tail in something, who cares what! Seems I hadn’t realised I have a thing for men with long hair and hero complexes! My husband was relieved, though, to have his could be an identical twin look-alike George Clooney there.

3- I’m fluent in Greek and used to sing and play guitar in tavernas and bars. I write better Greek song lyrics than English. The Greeks don’t frown on lyrical, – they like lyrical! I once did goat shearing in my godmother’s mountain village with a man who’d killed his mother’s attacker with an axe when he was a child. I only found this out when I was learning different shearing designs from copying other people’s. Someone said, that’s OK- just don’t copy Michali’s…he doesn’t like it when people copy his… In the end, Michali taught me his intricate design (he could have been a hairdresser, such precision) and insisted I join them in the shears washing ceremony and a drink afterwards.

4- I did karate as a teenager. (Yes, I did go through a Bruce Lee phase, too. And I like Jackie Chan…and Jet Li…and I watch way too many films!) I started writing haiku back then, too, and studying Chinese astrology, Western astrology, the Desiderata, The Prophet and the Tao. Then I went to university and discovered …parties. Fortunately, I rediscovered a lot of my spritual side decades later!

5- My favourite wine at the moment is Chilean Merlot and when I’m ill, I crave macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes or hot buttered toast.

6- I can mirror write fluently, like DaVinci.

7 – When I was a wee girl, I wrote myself into episodes of my favourite westerns, played with a Janey West cowgirl doll and matching plastic palomino horse, built camps by the stream in our local wood and always thought I’d live in the USA when I was a grown up.

My taggees…

  • Mary Jacksch, over at Goodlife Zen. She’s one of life’s empowerers as well as being a detail lover and Zen master.
  • Cindy Platt, over at NamasDaisy. Another sweetheart. She’s a teacher, mum and writer – and does them all inspiringly well.
  • Dr Amy Palko at Less Ordinary. A Scottish mum, writer and university tutor whose photographs delight me and whose normally short, inspiring blog entries leave me dying of shame for torturing you all so. She’s an expert on Stephen King’s work, especially his book ‘On Writing’.
  • Dr Robyn McMaster whose blog delights and intrigues me – she specialises in understanding how our brains function so we can better harness our powers. (Sorry if that’s a rubbish summary of something huge, Robyn.)
  • Cheryl Wright, a freelance writer whose clean, crisp style is something worth aspiring to. A comment of hers stopped one of my self esteem wobblies turning into an about turn the day before yesterday…
  • Nadia at Happy Lotus, a writer who blogs with the aim of spreading support and happiness. She got meme tagged while we were exchanging emails about this but I’ve included her anyway because her 7 things were really interesting!
  • Trina L. Grant, another sweet, smart freelancer who’s graced my blog with support in these scary first days.

And then there’s

  • Matthew Dryden. What can I say. I feel we have a glimpse of genius here. His subject matter is not something I’m drawn to, but every post, every image, every scene is fearless, tightly controlled, compelling and haunts my memory. I’ve no doubt his 7 Things will shock me and linger…

The rules…

  1. Link to your original tagger and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself in the post.
  3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names and links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.


  1. We named one of our cats after George of the Jungle 🙂

    At the risk of setting you (and Mel) off on my blog again, does that hero list of yours contain one Sawyer and a certain Doctor from Lost? I just learned that one of the “babes” on my list is in the same business as I am 😀

    A great insight into the person behind the blog. Loved it.

    Marc – WelshScribe´s last blog post..How To Break Out Of The Freelance Writing Rut

  2. Hi Janice,

    Thank you so much for including me with such a wonderful group of people, I am honored.

    Your list was very interesting. I love that you can mirror write. How did you develop that skill? BTW, I can understand the admiration for Johnny Depp with the ponytail. I think that was in the movie Chocolat, right? There is something about that man and personally, I do prefer George Clooney over Brad Pitt. My friends think I am crazy. I have come to notice I have a thing for men who grey prematurely and that does include my husband…maybe that is why I fell for him!

    Nadia – Happy Lotus´s last blog post..Laughter Does The Body Good

    1. Thanks for tagging me Marc – this was fun! I never watched ‘Lost’. Missed the first series somehow. Is your cat gorgeous too?!

      Marc, meet Nadia, Nadia, meet Marc. Marc’s the one who tagged me. An innocent mention of Wolverine in his 7 Things post got me and one of the other commenters ‘discussing’ our favourite superhero actors, hence my revelation about the long-haired guys! My favourite George Clooney movie is Oh brother Where Art Thou, and my favourite song from it is ‘I am a Man of Constant Sorrow’, where George is wearing a fake beard and dancing!

      The mirror writing just happened one day. I was bored in French class and started doing it to stop the teacher constantly checking to see what I’d written.

  3. Eureka, I finally located the post I plan to respond to. Thanks so much for contacting me. What an interesting life you’ve had – the kind of person I’d enjoy coversing with in person.

    I’m now wracking my brain for the seven items about me that I haven’t yet revealed since I’ve done one of these about five times. 😉

    Robyn McMaster´s last blog post..Your Brand – Person or Product?

    1. You have such a twinkle about you in your photo that I have no doubt at all that you’ll come up with 7 goodies! Please let us know when you post!

  4. George is a very beautiful cat. He shares a bond with my fiancée the likes of which I have never seen in an animal before.

    We also have his brother, the very cheeky but equally lovely Charlie and a 3 year old border collie named Ellie. Who I love to bits 🙂

    By the way Janice, you need the subscribe to comments plugin. Helps me keep up to date with the comments going on across the various blogs I err comment on.

    1. If you tell me you all live in a wee stone cottage in a Welsh valley, I’ll have to drive down there with a camera! I love colllies; all the farms round here have them.

      I’ve been thinking about the comments plugin, too, but as I try to reply to folks’ comments if I can, it means you’d get a load from me!

    1. Great to have you visit, Brad! I enjoy Robyn’s blog and comments boxes and I appreciate you taking the time to hop over. I’m hoping my blog will become a drop-in bistro community where I can meet, enjoy, learn from and support people who share the same interests as me. Hope you’ll visit again sometime!

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