If You Believe

If you like your Christmas films to have as much magic and warmth as those made for kids, then, this Christmas, check out If You Believe, starring Ally Walker, Tom Amandes and Hayden Panettiere. It’s got the lot! Christmas, snow, a writer, an editor, a New York apartment, a family house in Queens, a clapboard in New England and some great acting… what’s not to like!

Don’t watch it with Santa age kids, though; this one is for grown ups, but in a nice way.


  1. Wow, I love what you’ve done to your site! I read “Desiderata” and “The Journey.” They were just what I needed in this time of crazy holidays. I took a deep breath and thanked you in my head for still being here:~)

  2. Yo, maven of magic! Thank you, Janice, for the movie tip. YouTube has it (a bit blurry) in two portions. The synchronicity of my watching was bang on (not because of Christmas), providing a splendid spice as I stir my life stew.

  3. Thank you Julia, Connie, Sara and Hilary, for visiting, for commenting, and most importantly, for never giving up on me. I’m sorry I didn’t reply back in December, but I actually posted this in May 2016 as an experiment in timed posts. Then promptly forgot all about it. When someone mentioned it in December, I was confused at first, then because I was still offline cyberhibernating, I didn’t get round to investigating. I’ll try and do better this year; losing friends through neglect would be awful, but I’m comforted knowing that all of you – and others who email – have stuck by me through all my years of deciduous blogging. You’re why I keep coming back.

    A cautionary tale, though: scheduled posting on WordPress is NOT a good idea for deciduous bloggers; it leaves the site open to spammers and brute force log in attacks as well as other nasty IT stuff I don’t really understand, but which can inundate the server and push you over your data usage allowance.

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